Atomix Cafe Street Sign, Chicago, Il.

Atomix Cafe on Chicago Avenue. The sign that hung above this storefront window had become obscured by trees. After refusal by the city to rectify the problem the owner, let's just call him Mr. Fancy Lad, thought to utilize the empty space below the window as a more effective to way to garner street level attention. 
 The cafe is one of my favorites in the city because of it's wonderful service, space age theme and down right decent coffee. I went through a few drafts (below) but finally settled on this appropriated Blade Runner License plate that was used in the feature film (below). I also appropriated a Soviet Space Race font from a 1957 news publication headline. There will be a few tweaks in the final painting which, btw, will commence the fist week of December. Stay tuned........ 


////////////////Earlier drafts///////////////