Maplewood Greens Events. Seattle, Washington.

MapleWood Greens Events, Seattle, Washington. Logo By PAN.
My client, a self proclaimed Francophile sighting her influences anywhere from Jean Luc Godard to Francois Truffaut to Rimbaud, suggested that we somehow use the original Paris Ritz Hotel logo (below) as our influence. Having always loved that logo and French culture myself I agreed with the direction. If you notice, I chopped up the "R" from the original "RItz" and reconstructed it. I then added a borrowed swoop from the "R" in "paRis" and came to the final construct of the "W" in "wood." I replaced the ambiguous jeweled pineapple shapes with maple leaves and of course added the 'Greens Events" below the crest following/ completing its already implied movement. This top design, the ethereal white patina, is the one that was chosen. The two below were additional drafts i came up with along the way. Thank you Maplewood Greens. A very fun collaboration which yielded very nice results.

Inspiration for design

3D Logo Emblem for 'HASH' restaurant

Designing what will become a custom, in-house, 3D, 4'X4' emblem @ Hash restaurant. The 'Steal Your face' Grateful Dead symbol is a favorite of Maggie's (owner/operator). Raised gilded plaster and
gilded plastic flowers to follow....


Added Art Nouveau, gilded raised plaster relief, smoke surround. 
Top and bottom lines indicate wall shape an size

Some images that inspired:

Mixed Media

 Gold leaf, paint, photocopies

Red Sharpie on white duct tape, Ps Filter

Atomix Cafe Street Sign, Chicago, Il.

Atomix Cafe on Chicago Avenue. The sign that hung above this storefront window had become obscured by trees. After refusal by the city to rectify the problem the owner, let's just call him Mr. Fancy Lad, thought to utilize the empty space below the window as a more effective to way to garner street level attention. 
 The cafe is one of my favorites in the city because of it's wonderful service, space age theme and down right decent coffee. I went through a few drafts (below) but finally settled on this appropriated Blade Runner License plate that was used in the feature film (below). I also appropriated a Soviet Space Race font from a 1957 news publication headline. There will be a few tweaks in the final painting which, btw, will commence the fist week of December. Stay tuned........ 


////////////////Earlier drafts///////////////

Business Card Reprints (re-stamped)

I love the way these stamps look. You just can't fake that distortion and bleed.....

Music Media


'RIMANKU' (Logo design for Peruvian blanket import boutique. Los Angeles, Ca.)

Too me, the skulls imply antiquity, ancestry etc. 
In South American cultures, Death is not a final state, but it serves as the soul's transition from one realm of existence to another

'Hash' Logo Design

Logo design for a new carry out restaurant in Chicago. The concept was to give it an old apothecary feel.

Appropriated Image


Promotional Flyer

'The Wisdom of Travel' (custom piece)

(A commission about 'the wisdom one acquires from travel')
The concept: For me, life is about people. Relationships, love, friendship, psychology, emotion, expression etc. Everyone we encounter in our travels shares a unique story that stains our beings and our memories forever. 

(I was actually so pressed for time and working up until the last minute that I forgot to snap a photo of the finished product. Ha! Luis promised he'd take one of the piece in it's natural habitat and send it over. COMING SOON!!!!)